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Gemstone Sand - Fluorite & Amethyst

Gemstone Sand - Fluorite & Amethyst

Selenite bowl sold separately.


Use for energy healing, relaxation. Put an incense stick in it for meditation or use for home decor, as a wedding centerpiece or for crafts and candle making.


Each jar has 5-7 oz of sand (fine to rough) topped with 1.5 - 2 oz of gemstone tumbled smooth chips.


There are no dyes or additives in sand. It's all natural.

  • Healing Properties

    Fluorite (sand) is an absolute must for students who need to focus on studying. Referred to as the "Genius Stone" Fluorite creates a powerful environment for focus and concentration. It also works to maintain balance. It quiets negative and distracting thoughts, keeping you on task.

    Amethyst connects with your higher self to enhance focus, calm and center in the most chaotic of situations. This stone is great for releasing negative attachments and addictions. Place under your pillow to quiet yout mind. Rub smooth stone counter clockwise in the center of your forehead to relieve insomnia.

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