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Gemstone Sand - Garnet & Lavender Rose Quartz

Gemstone Sand - Garnet & Lavender Rose Quartz

Selenite bowl sold separately.


Use for energy healing, relaxation. Put an incense stick in it for meditation or use for home decor, as a wedding centerpiece or for crafts and candle making.


Each jar has 5-7 oz of sand (fine to rough) topped with 1.5 - 2 oz of gemstone tumbled smooth chips.


There are no dyes or additives in sand. It's all natural.

  • Healing Properties

    Garnet balances energy and inspires passion and love. It offers courage and hope in times of crisis.  It also protects against loss and attracts luck.

    Lavender Rose Quartz is a type of rose quartz with a high amount of either titanuim or manganese in it, hence its lavender color. It helps heal low self esteem and also ecourages joy, warmth and unconditional love for self and other.

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