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Gemstone Sand - Rose Quartz & Rhodonite

Gemstone Sand - Rose Quartz & Rhodonite

Selenite bowls sold separately


Use for energy healing, relaxation. Put an incense stick in it for meditation or use for home decor, as a wedding centerpiece or for crafts and candle making.


Each jar has 5-7 oz of sand (fine to rough) topped with 1.5 - 2 oz of gemstone tumbled smooth chips.


There are no dyes or additives in sand. It's all natural.

  • Healing Properties

    Rose Quartz brings with it such a gentle and loving energy. It promotes unconditional love and nurtures compassion as well as gentle emotional healing. Put it by your bedside for calm sleep and beautiful dreams.

    Rhodonite allows one to perceive and develop hidden gifts as it creates a stronger sense of self. It helps to clarify personal destiny. It also promotes self worht and embraces generosity and altruism in both the giver and receiver.

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