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Lip Butter

Lip Butter

Try them once and you will see what sets our lip butter apart. They are creamy and come with filled with Beeswax (helps protect), Shea Butter (moisturizing & creamy), anti-aging antioxidant Pomegranate Seed oil and others to set our product apart. Our soothing Lip Butter will drench dry, cracked lips in moisture, refreshing and rejuvenating them for visibly smoother lips! The beatiful and unique, embossed bee tin elevates this product even more (.24oz) They come in the following scents: Vanilla Almond - Vanilla, Almond, Sweet Mango - Fruit, Mango Tangerine - Citrus, Orange - fragrance free Raspberry Lemonade - Fruity and Citrus with notes of Lemon Peppermint - Minty - notes of peppermint, fresh and tingly - fragrance free Raspberry Pomegranate - Fruity, not to sweet, mild - fragrance free Vanilla Berry - Fruity with notes of berry, vanilla and cream Natural not added scent - fragrance free

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