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The Ramblin' Bee Tulip Beeswax Candle

The Ramblin' Bee Tulip Beeswax Candle

These candles are modeled after a tulip flower. Simple and beautiful. They are pure beeswax with a cotton wick and measure 2 .7/8" high and 1. 5/8" at the base. These will burn for several hours if you can bear to burn it!


Made in United States

  • About Ramblin' Bee

    The Ramblin' Bee was created from the abundance that our honeybees provided us with. I started by first listening and watching how honeybees orchestrating their magic. I quickly fell in love with their relationship to not only flowers and crops, but to our lives as well. My bees buzz happily around Gallatin, Tennessee which is just outside Nashville. I am proud to be able to offer bees and bee goods to not only my local community, but beyond. Locally, I am a vendor at four farmer's markets, stock a handful of local businesses with our local honey, manage an online storefront, and just this spring The Ramblin' Bee opened a Honey House in the downtown Gallatin square. We are looking forward to expanding into becoming a retailer in more small town shops!

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